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Why is packaging necessary?

  • There are very close interactions and effects between the goods and the packaging system.


  • And every product places certain more or less pronounced technical and economic requirements on the packaging system.

  • On one hand, it assumes also a protective function.


  • On the other hand, it can ensure or even enable the use of the product, e.g. a medical device.


  • And at the same time it is a "silent seller" of the product.


  • Thus, packaging plays a key role in the acceptance of the product, because the user comes into contact with the packaging first.

  • An appropriate packaging / a packaging system makes a product to a product!


  • And since the exchange of goods cannot take place without packaging, but we all bear a great deal of responsibility for our environment, the issue of sustainability of packaging must be one of the determining factors in the future.


  • And that means: Be innovative in its conception and courageous in its actions!

  • bleyco swiss supports you!

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